13 August 2016

Out Bound Program

As a part of induction, students of PGDM 2016-2018 batch were taken on an Outbound Program on 
29-07-16 To Dakshinachitra. She is a living-history museum in Tamil Nadu, dedicated to South Indian heritage and culture. Students were introduced to the art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India.  They were given an opportunity to try out  simple art and craft activities  like puppet shows, pottery making, weaving etc.  They could also view the contextual exhibitions in the houses that explain some of the rich traditions of different states in South India. They also had some management games which helped the students to have learning with fun.

Students visited Mahabalipuram on 30-07-16 as a continuation of the outbound program.
Students were introduced  to the history and significance of Mahabalipuram . They learned about the ruins of the Pallava Dynasty, one of the most powerful dynasties in South India. They visited the shore temple, varaha caves, etc. They were fascinated by the Dravidian style of architecture combined with the incredible Pallavan architectural methods. Students gained knowledge on their lifestyle, their preaching ways, their culture and traditions and how they influence south tradition today. 
The intricate designs, the colossal size of the temples, the poetry and dedication behind them were an incredible experience for the students.

Publication: Chennai Plus

Headline: ITM Chennai Opens Doors to the Young Batch of PGDM   

Publication: Madhurai Mani
Headline: ITM Chennai inaugurates new PGDM batch

Summary: The publications have shared press release on the new PGDM batch inaugurated at ITM Business School Chennai. The exposure is the result of having the press release shared with the publications.

Guest Lecture:

1. Mr. Shriram Sanjeevi 

The guest lecturer Mr. Sanjeevi spoke to us about his retail career, his losses and triumphs. He started with his origin, went on to his education, his first job and then his career in retail and Entrepreneurship. 

He spoke to us about his humble beginnings and his growth over the years, the twists and turns in his career and the advantages of trying new things. He told his about the changing ecinomy, the importance of knowledge and know-how. 

The lecture was inspiring and moving. His experiences are surely going to influence us for the better. Nevertheless, it was very one sided. It was a speech with barely any interaction. The guest lecturer did not give us the space to question. Also, he could have spoken more on his start-ups and given more detail to his work life than chronicle his times as a retail man. This would have helped us further to understand the real life work place. 

2. Mr. Jegan Vijayarajan and Ms. D. Sushmita 

Mr . Jegan Vijayarajan of Capgemini spoke to us about the changes in technology over the years, the emergence of updation in the work force, knowledge, skills development, knowledge and above all automatics. He spoke to us about corporate expectations, the changing nature of the market, target marketing, strategic management and how robotics play a part in the management sphere. His lecture was incredibly apt to our generation of automated work force and his experiences and knowledge is  necessary for us to understand how the situation in management will be in a few years. Although the time was limited and the lecture was too complex for all of us to follow, his ideas are emergent to comprehend and very relevant.

Ms. D. Sushmita of Haes Technology spoke to us about the importance of re-engineering ourselves with time, the necessity to explore and importance of exposure. She spoke to us about additional qualifications, experience, the different subdivisions in specializations, the transformation of companies within a short period of time. 

Feedback about Guest Lectures:

Mr. Srikumar Menon spoke to us about the importance of emotional intelligence and how it plays a viral part in our work as well as personal life. He made us list out the expectations of a company and sorted IQ and EQ. He told us how the absence of emotional intelligence can disrupt our lives in total, how to develop empathy, and that more than intelligence, emotional quotient helps us climb the ladder. He covered one part of EI in this session. The lecture was insightful and the real life stories he told us is useful for us.

22 July 2016

Inauguration Day

The inauguration of PGDM 2016-2018 BATCH was held on 18/07/2015. It began with the procession piloted by registrar Prof P V Jaikumar followed by the new batch of students. Campus Head of ITM Chennai, Dr Prasanna Sivanandam welcomed the gathering. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Karthic Venkatesan, Talent Group’s Head – Group M Media India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, an  alumni of ITM Chennai. Academic toppers and sports meet winners of 2015-2017 batch were awarded.  Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr RamaSubramaniam.
It was followed by a session of introducing the faculty and staff to the students. The Student representative Ms Roshini presented the Student council report.

Ice breaking Session
The inaugural session was followed by an icebreaking session by Prof Sathya Saminadan and Prof Achu Sam K. Various games and activities were held to make the students to come out of their inhibitions and helping them to get to know each other better. 

Day 2 (19-07-2016)

Guest lecture – Ms Dhivya Sivakumar
Ms Dhivya, an alumnus of ITM gave a splendid session on motivation and difference between inspiration and motivation. She gave insights about how the corporate world is at present and how the students have to equip themselves for the same

Introduction to Yoga and practice session – Mr Vinod

Mr Vinod, a vivid traveler and yoga expert introduced the students about the fundamentals of Yoga and how it can make an impact on various bodily functions.

Spirituality – Prof P V Jaikumar

Prof P V Jaikumar, registrar ITM Chennai, took a session on Spirituality and explained what Spirituality is and how to experience it. He explained the various types of ego’s existing in people and how it acts in people

Day 3 (20-07-16)

Guest Lecture – Mr Sundararajan Jagannathan, COO, Radiance
Mr Sundararajan Jagannathan an alumni of ITM Business School gave the students some unique insights in to management bases on his corporate experiences.
He gave valuable inputs on living a fulfilled life as well as a constructive career. Most importantly he spoke about the unpredictability of the economy. He also spoke about methodology and process in executing plans.

17 June 2016

ITM Convocation  Ceremony – 17.6.2016 

Press release :

Dr. P. V. Ramana, in his presidential address stressed that corporate world expects every employee to be an entrepreneur in his work. Trust on its own does not exists but needs to be built. Our approach to work should always be “my team”. Growth is based on hard work, truthfulness and tireless efforts. Even the unemployed would be able to give us an insight into things and change the way we function. Over the years in future, he wants the graduates to remember the institute and promised that the ITM would grow such that it would be a worthy alma mater.
Chief guest Dr. Shanta narrated the story of cancer institute and said the institute believes in concern, care and compassion in treating cancer. She stressed that any work done with a service motive is bound to succeed. She said because of service alone the Cancer Institute which was dream in 1950 has become mission and a vision today. She emphasized that empathy, equality, humility, hard work and will to better and then to become best are the ways of success and urged the students to practice social etiquettes in dealing with people.
Guest of honour, Dr.Saddakkulla said that India enjoys the democratic dividend of young population which happens once in 300 years and is a blessing as it throws opportunities for jobs and growth. He cited his own past of poverty and adversity and explained how he could overcome them. He advised the graduates that adversities are nothing but opportunities and hard work would yield its own dividends. He urged that students should dream but should not stop only dreaming but strive to realise the dreams,,..